1.6m Roll of PeaceMAT™ XS Flexible Alu Butyl Panel Dampening Deadener

A high quality, flexible, aluminium & butyl based car sound deadening material suitable for all car and van interior and some exterior applications.  PeaceMAT XS is commonly used to reduce panel resonance within both classic and new vehicles.


  •        Permanently flexible 

  •        Very high panel dampening properties

  •        Used by many global vehicle manufacturers 

  •        Excellent for bonding directly to metals

  •        Also ideal for speaker enclosures 

  •        Low odour and flexible

  •        Easy "cut peel and apply" fitting

  •        Flame retardant 

Product Dimensions:

Size: 470mm x 1600mm (1 roll = 0.75m²)

Density: 1520Kg/m³

Surface Weight: 3.8Kg/m²

Nominal Thickness: 2mm

Typical Temperature Stability:-40°C to +120°C

2mm Thick Peacemat™ XS Flexible Alu Butyl Panel Dampening Sound Deadener

SKU: 0007