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2-Door Car Build Soundproofing Professional Kit


Van Insulation UK 2-Door Car Build Soundproofing Professional Kit contains the core products you need to turn any car into a luxury vehicle. By combining our high quality sound dampening mats with an extremely effective noise barrier, you're purchasing the best sound and thermal insulation available on the market.


The PeaceMAT XR sound deadening mats are 2mm butyl rubber (NO ASPHALT!) and a thick, annealed foil. PeaceMAT XXX combines closed cell foam and automotive mass loaded vinyl into a sheet that blocks noise about as well as a double paned window.


Always measure your vehicle to ensure you have the correct square footage!




2-Door Car Build Kit

  • PeaceMAT™ XR - 36 Sq Ft / 3.4 Sq Meters
  • PeaceMAT™ XXX - 36 Sq Ft / 3.4 Sq Meters



  • Remove plastic panels and upholstery to reveal the bare metal of your vehicle
  • Clean the surface with alcohol (DON'T USE A DEGREASER)
  • Wearing gloves, cut PeaceMAT™XR sheets with a utility knife to size and shape of your area(s)
  • Peel and stick the PeaceMAT™XR sheets
  • Use a hand roller to roll out any air pockets
  • Use our High Temp Spray Adhesive or Super Strong Double Sided Tape to adhere PeaceMAT™XXXX to PeaceMAT™XR
  • Apply adhesive to the grey foam side of PeaceMAT™XXX. The foam side will face downwards towards the application surface.
  • Tape the seams for the best possible sound blocking.

2-Door Car Build Soundproofing Professional Kit

£172.56 Regular Price
£155.30Sale Price
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