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Long/Tall Sprinter Van Soundproofing Professional Packages


Over the last 10 years, we've helped our van customers to reduce noise in their vehicles. If driving around in your van feels like you're living inside a shaking tin can, we can help.

Whatever your make and model of sprinter van, our van insulation and soundproofing packages were designed to fit your size of van and give the right amount of coverage.

Always measure your vehicle to ensure you have the correct square footage!


The biggest noise reduction will come from applying our products as van floor insulation. This alone will cut out the majority of the "tin can feeling" and is where many of our customers start.

After doing the floor, our van customers either decide they're happy with the results or they get excited by the noise difference from the floor coverage and want to upgrade the entire vehicle.

Whatever improves your day-to-day experience driving around in your sprinter van, we want to get you there. 


Long/Tall Sprinter Van Build Packages - Floor Only or Entire Vehicle


Floor Only Package Includes:

1. PeaceMAT XR Sound Deadening Mats (80 Sq Ft / 7.5 Sq Meters)

2. PeaceMAT XXX Sound and Heat Barrier - (81 Sq Ft / 7.6 Sq Meters)


  • PeaceMAT XR Sound Deadening Mats, made from premium butyl, should be applied to 100% of the floor area. This is the loudest part of the vehicle, you want to do it right. 
  • Cover the entire floor of the cargo area with PeaceMAT XXX, to create an unbroken noise barrier. Use a strong adhesive to ensure the vehicle to ensure the loaded mass vinyl stays in place.


Entire Vehicle Package

1. PeaceMAT XR Sound Deadening Mats (320 Sq Ft / 30 Sq Meters)

2. PeaceMAT XXX Sound and Heat Barrier - (81 Sq Ft / 7.6 Sq Meters)

3. Glassmat XR Thermo Liner - (240 Sq Ft / 23 Sq Meters)


Additional materials are provided to ensure you can also insulate both walls (no windows), the back door, the ceiling, and the cab area.


  • PeaceMAT XR Sound Deadening Mats should be applied to the rest of the vehicle with 60% coverage, focusing on the flat areas of the vehicle. Flat sheets of metal are less structurally sound than the curved parts and create more vibration noise.
  • The rest of the vehicle will be insulated with 10mm Glassmat XR thermo liner. Glassmat XR thermo liner is an excellent thermal insulator and average sound absorber. It should be applied to 100% of the wall, door, ceiling, and cabin surface area.



Long/Tall Sprinter Van Soundproofing Professional Packages

£384.99 Regular Price
£346.49Sale Price
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