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Soundproofing Your Van: Everything You Need to Know

Here you will find advice on insulating a campervan and help when starting your campervan insulation project.  With over 5000 campervans already insulated with Car Insulation UK's campervan insulation products, we are confident we have the right campervan insulation solutions for you.

Before you look to order your campervan insulation products:

1) Select the correct campervan insulation: 

Which thickness campervan insulation can be fitted within each area of the campervan?

campervan insulation

We stock 1000's meters of acoustic and thermal insulation for campervans and campervan conversions and each campervan conversion is slightly different, therefore the suitability of the insulation can vary for each campervan.  

We never suggest you fit water absorbent products directly to metal panels as this can allow the insulation to soak up condensation and may cause interior panel rot and corrosion.

2) Decide on the required thermal insulation properties of your campervan?

van insulation
van soundproofing

Most campervan converters like to use our 6mm Closed Cell Foam on the Floors and side panels for a standard conversion. However recently many converters are switching to our 20mm Closed Cell Foam Insulation and GlassMAT HR products on the side panels.  These offer higher acoustic and thermal performance and do not cause fitment issues in most areas of the campervan.  

Increased insulation properties can improve vehicle efficiency & reduce heater costs which last a lifetime.

3) How acoustically refined would you like your camper?

van sound deadening
campervan sound deadening

You can provide your camper with a very high level of refinement with very little additional cost.  Adding PeaceMAT XR prior to fitting our Closed Cell Insulation layer will reduce panel resonance.  Many of our clients now opt for our PeaceMAT XXX (video link) campervan sound deadening laminate to stop excessive noise transfer into the campervan.

4) Ensure you fully utilize your campervan insulation budget! Fit the best campervan thermal insulation products to the roof and the best campervan soundproofing products on the floor.

motorhome insulation
van sound proofing

And if you have any other questions or need further advice please do not hesitate to contact us directly using our CONTACT US form or call us on 024 7767 0370 - as remember we care about your project as much as you do!

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