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Car Insulation: First Steps

If you are on this page you might have a question: why some cars are louder than others? What is the difference between a basic car and a luxury one? The answer is simple: luxury brands have high-quality sound deadening and insulation already installed while cheaper brands have a minimum of it or do not have it at all.

The fact is that all cars need insulation. If you’ve found your way to this page, it is more likely that your car has a problem:

1. Is your vehicle is too noisy or you hear rattles in the cabin and unwanted road noises?

2. An audio system in your vehicle is not delivering the type of sound you paid for?

3. You experience too much heat under your feet in your sports auto? Or perhaps the area under the bonnet gets overheated?

4. Your camper van getting too cold in winter and too hot in summer? 

5. You would like to convert your camper van as you planning to travel more?

Whether you’re dealing with noise or heat, we have the insulation for you to help you to get rid of the problems and get back to enjoying your journey.

Let's understand the different types of noise, where it is coming from, and how to minimize it in your van, car, or boat. Yes, there a few noise types and it is very important that every type would be treated with the right/specially designed for this specific noise insulation material. 

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Popular Car Insulation Materials