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Q: I would like to insulate & soundproof my van, what products do I need and in what order?

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adhesive van liner

A: To insulate & soundproof your van, first you need to calculate how much of sound deadening, soundproofing and thermal insulation you will need for your project. Once you measured your flooring area, your roof and all the areas you would like to cover, you can start looking for the products you need. 

1. PeaceMAT XS, PeaceMAT XR - sound deadeners, will be always your first layer. Our mats are made from genuine Butyl (not cheap asphalt, which sold half of our product price on other platforms), the mats will reduce the rattles and the noise within a vehicle. 

PeaceMAT XS and PeaceMAT XR are self adhesive waterproof and fire resistant. This product will stay for life, so make sure you clean your are, pre-cut the sheets and apply them carefully, covering 30% of your van and covering 100% of your wheel arches.

2. Glassmat (5mm, 10mm, 20mm or 30mm) - this is a thermal insulation and your second layer. Depends on what thickness you choose (the thicker the better), GlassMAT liner will always goes second. This high quality, flexible foam made from 3 layers (adhesive, closed cell foam and aluminium foil) will keep your vehicle cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It will work as a vapour barrier and will reduce condensation with the right ventilation installed. We recommend covering your panels, roof and other areas in your van (except floor) and try not to leave any gaps or use our tape to ensure everything sealed properly. GlassMAT liners are self adhesive waterproof and fire resistant.

3. PeaceMAT XXX (12mm) - this is 2in1 soundproofing and this is your second layer for the floor only. This amazing product is made from two layers: adhesive closed cell foam for insulation and layer of mass loaded vinyl for soundproofing. This mat will reduce the road noise coming into your vehicle and will insulate your floor at the same time. It has to go foam down when applied. This mat is specially designed for the horizontal applications because of its weight. It is  waterproof and fire resistant but not adhesive, so additional glue has to be purchased (high temperature resistant glue from your DIY store).

4. Absoft 25mm or 50mmthis is your last layer. It can be applied anywhere in your vehicle. Can go on the top of other layers or to fill the gaps. It is fluffy, easy to work with and itch free. Can come as adhesive (on request) or non adhesive. It is water resistant and fire retardant. 

Additionally, if you would like to reduce the noise in your engine area or your engine gets overheated, we recommend using GlassMAT HTX, which is specially designed for these areas. It is self adhesive, very flexible, high temperature resistant, waterproof and fire retardant. GlassMAT HTX has amazing thermal and sound deadening properties and easy to use.

There is another, amazing thermal liner which we recommend using for professional use, called Hydroweld. It is hydrophobic insulation for any vehicle, which has high thermal and noise absorbing properties and ideal as your last layer instead of Absoft. It is thinner, can come as adhesive and non adhesive, very easy to use and apply, waterproof and fire resistant.

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