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Why Car & Van Insulation?


Closed-cell foam, MLV Rubber, Sound deadening mats, or any other insulation of your choice - is our expertise and joy. All our sound deadening products and insulation products are carefully selected from trusted manufacturers and tested in the UK. We are proud to have a wide range of insulation products and free delivery within the UK.


The average UK driver spends almost 4 YEARS at the wheel in their lifetime - 8 months of which are stuck in traffic and 2 months searching for parking spaces, poll reveals. Let's make it as comfortable and quiet as possible.

We have a great choice of insulation and sound deadening products for every issue you might experience in your vehicle, either you are the driver of a sports car or a van owner, we got you covered!

If you want to get the best insulation products for an affordable price you are in the right place.

We might be not the cheapest in the market, but hey, you get what you pay for! 



Car Insulation UK has an international team of multilingual staff who speak English, Polish, Russian, Bulgarian, and Lithuanian. No matter where we come from, we all have the same goal - to help you find the best insulation for your project and solve the problem you have. We all deserve a peaceful and comfortable ride!

Benefits of car noise insulation: Soundproofing not only helps protect against various sounds. It has a complex positive effect on the driver:

  • Reduces driver fatigue

  • The quality of the music in the cabin improves, it literally starts to sound in a new way;

  • Increased security. The driver will no longer have to be distracted by "unwanted" sounds;

  • The car becomes a resting place.

  • Correctly applied soundproofing will make driving even more pleasant.

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