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PeaceMAT™ XR Sound Deadening Sheets 2mm Car Van Anti vibration Pads, 10pcs


  •        Genuine, professional butyl based sound deadening mat
  •        Anti rattling properties
  •        Reduces noise in engine, exhaust, door panels and anywhere in the vehicle like van, car or motorhome
  •        Very high panel dampening properties
  •        Self adhesive, easy "peel & stick" fitting solution
  •        Ideal for most interior applications
  •        Embossed silver design for easier cutting & fitting
  •        High quality OEM panel dampening material
  •        Also ideal for speaker enclosures and performance audio
  •        Water resistant and fire retardant

High Quality PeaceMAT™ XR  Car Sound Deadening Alu Butyl Insulation Used By Professionals. A High Performance Flexible Aluminium Buytl Vehicle Panel Sound Deadening Material.

Product Dimensions:
Size: 25cm x 20cm 
Area: 0.5m²
Surface Weight: 2.8Kg/m2
Pack Weight: 2.8Kg
Nominal Thickness: 2mm

Typical Temperature Stability:
-40°C to + 120°C

PeaceMAT™ XR Vehicle sound deadening material for sound deadening within vehicle interiors.
Suitable for deadening the following applications:
Boot deadener, Wheel arch deadening, Body Panel deadening, Load floor deadening, Under seat deadening, Car Floor deadening, Interior Dash deadening and car sill deadening.
Perfect for deadening body panels from vibrations caused by audio equipment.  Ideal car audio insulation material / car audio sound deadening material.

Fixing Methods:
Adhesive supplied using pressure to fit.

PeaceMAT™ XR Sound Deadening Sheets 2mm Car Van Anti vibration Pads, 10pcs

SKU: 0008
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