Glassmat GR Thermal  Sound Proofing Insulation for Van, Car or Boat


  •        High quality tri-layer, twin density lightweight closed cell foam laminate
  •        High noise reduction & thermal insulation properties
  •        Durable outer cover material for tough environments
  •        High thermal & acoustic properties
  •        Easy to cut & fit, strong adhesive backing
  •        Very high temperature resistance
  •        Provides results you CAN hear!
  •        Ideal for engine bay / firewall / hood & engine compartment   
  •        Non-flammable, flame retardant
  •        Embossed hard/flexible aluminium backing

Product Dimensions:
Size: 1m²
Nominal Thickness: 9-10mm

Typical Temperature Stability:
-20°C to + 180°C (to foil face)


Sound deadening and thermal insulation foam for use within marine interior and exterior. 
Suitable for insulating the following applications: 

Exterior bulkhead, firewall, engine compartment, engine bay, side panels

Also ideal for certain under floor applications as it has great load resistance properties. 

Fixing Methods:
Adhesive (Included)

Glassmat GR Thermal Sound Proofing Insulation for Van, Car or Boat

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