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Small Van Thermal and Acoustic Insulation Kit
(Excluding Engine Bay)

A Full Kit of Vehicle Insulation Materials to Soundproof a Small Van. Comes with Instruction and tools.

Suitable for:
Transit Connect 
VW Caddy 
Skoda Yeti 
Citroen Berlingo 
Renault Kangoo 
Peugeot Partner and similar.

  •        Kit designed with you in mind by our professional experts
  •        A great selection of high-quality materials
  •        Both thermal & acoustic insulation included
  •        Easy to cut & fit
  •        Provides results you CAN hear!

Which materials are included within the small van soundproofing kit?

2m x 1m - Polyester sound absorption - Absoft 500gsm and 50mm white polyester acoustic absorption material 

1 Roll (0.5m x 0.4m) of Peacemat XR - Self Adhesive aluminium butyl high performance deadening - 2.3mm flexible adhesive-backed sound deadening material 

10m x 1m - Foil Faced Closed Cell Foam thermal insulation and sound deadening material - 9-10mm thick


This Kit will insulate: 
Load Space insulation
Rear-wheel arches
Under-seat insulation
Front footwell insulation
Rear bulkhead
Centre console insulation
Car door insulation
Pillar insulation

Which materials should I use for which area of the vehicle: Instructions are included.

Suitable for: Transit Connect Soundproofing Kit, VW Caddy Soundproofing Kit, Skoda Yeti Soundproofing Kit, Citroen Berlingo Soundproofing Kit, Renault Kangoo Soundproofing Kit and Peugeot Partner Soundproofing Kit.

The above information is only a guide and should be used to determine that a product is suitable for a vehicle area.  Please see further advice if you have any reservations on application temperatures or a product's suitability for your vehicle.

Please also note that the above products will need to be cut to shape prior to fitting to the vehicle, but do not worry all of the products are very easy to cut and fit.


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