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Peacemat XR

Sound Deadening Mat
10mm Thermal
Sound Deadening Mat

Glassmat XR

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PeaceMAT™ XR Vehicle sound deadening material for sound deadening within vehicle interiors.
Suitable for deadening the following applications:
Boot deadener, Wheel arch deadening, Body Panel deadening, Load floor deadening, Under seat deadening, Car Floor deadening, Interior Dash deadening and car sill deadening.
Perfect for deadening body panels from vibrations caused by audio equipment.  Ideal car audio insulation material / car audio sound deadening material.

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Typical Applications:
Boot, wheel arch, body panels, load floor, under seat, floor, interior dash, under body, outer wheel arch, floor, engine compartment. (check application temperatures prior to fitment).

  • Durable outer cover material for tough environments

  • Good temperature resistance

  • Ideal for a range of interior & exterior applications 

  • Easy to cut & fit with strong adhesive backing

  • Flame retardant to FMVSS302 

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