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10m² Van Sound Deadening Rubber Mat 2mm PeaceMat™ L


  •        High transmission loss performance

  •        Heat moldable/formable for a professional finish
  •        Reduces high & low frequency sound and is easy to "cut & fit"

  •        Ideal for most interior applications

  •        High quality OEM sound deadening material

  •        Also ideal for speaker enclosures and performance audio

  •        Flame retardant


A High Quality Van Sound Deadening Rubber Mat, Heavy Layer Insulation Material Suitable for Car Sound Deadening & Heavy Layer Insulation Applications.

Product Dimensions:
Size: 10m x 1m
Area: 10m²
Weight: 2.2Kg/m²
Nominal Thickness: 2mm

Typical Temperature Stability:
-20°C to + 100°C

Applications: Suitable for a range of applications where high performance sound deadening is a requirement. It is also possible to mold/form using a high temperature heat gun.

Fixing Methods:
Double sided tape (applied to fleece side), Form into place, Star washers, Glue.

10m² Van Sound Deadening Rubber Mat 2mm PeaceMat™ L

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