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Camper Van Sound Deadening and Insulation Kit for the Roof

Suitable for Car, Camper Vans including Mercedes Vito Camper, Volkswagen T4, T5, T6 SWB, Peugeot Expert, Renault Traffic, Ford Transit, Vivaro, and similar.
(Please check the quantity included against the quantity required)

The Car and Campervan Sound Deadening & Insulation Kit includes: 
Peacemat XR Sound deadener (from 0.5m x 1 meter)
ThermoPro (from 1sq. meter)



  •       Reduce the noise and rattles in your vehicle
  •        Flexible and Easy "peel & stick" fitting solution
  •        Ideal for most interior applications
  •        Embossed design for easier cutting & fitting
  •        High-quality OEM panel dampening material
  •        Also ideal for speaker enclosures and performance audio
    *Sound deadener design may vary, it won't affect the final result.


High Quality PeaceMAT™ Camper Van Sound Deadening Insulation  Used By Professionals. A High-Performance Flexible Aluminium Butyl Vehicle Panel Sound Deadening Material.

Product Dimensions:

Area: as chosen per drop down menu
Surface Weight: 3.8Kg/m2
Roll Weight: 7.6Kg
Nominal Thickness: 2.3mm

Typical Temperature Stability:
-40°C to + 100°C


Ideal for most interior applications




    •       Extreme anti condensation and thermal properties
    •        Twin layer designed specially for van roof thermal insulation
    •        Waterproof, flame retardant, high heat reflective properties
    •        Adhesive back 2 layer foil bubble foil insulation and closed-cell foam
    •        Large 10mm Diameter bubbles with foil 5mm thick material with flexible characteristics
    •        Easy "cut, peel & apply" fitting Water-resistant Flame retardant Self Adhesive

    Product Dimensions:
    Area: as chosen per drop down menu

    Size: From 100cm x 100cm (1 Roll)

    Area: From 1.0m² (18ft²)

    Nominal Thickness: 10-12mm

    Typical Temperature Stability:
    -20°C to + 100°C 


    Van side panels, roof panels, door panels.  Ideal for camper van conversion.


    Fixing Methods:
    Adhesive (Included)

    The above information is only a guide and should be used to determine that a product is suitable for a vehicle area.  Please see further advice if you have any reservations on application temperatures or a product's suitability for your vehicle.

    Please also note that the above products will need to be cut to shape prior to fitting to the vehicle, but do not worry all of the products are very easy to cut and fit.

    Camper Van Sound Deadening and Insulation Kit for the Roof

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